Osh17 avgeek brain OSH17—A Primer!

OSH17—A Primer!

OSH17—A Primer!

Folks, those of you off to the world’s greatest GA party, #Oshkosh, I salute you—and envy you!

EAA AirVenture Oshkosh: July 24-30, 2017

For personal reasons, Team Aux is unable to attend this year. But, we always hold out hope for next year! Whether you’re a seasoned vet of Oshkosh (otherwise known as “EAA AirVenture,”) or a first-timer, I know that next week will be one of the most special aviation events of your life!

For now, let’s experience the #Oshkosh adventure virtually, right here, right now!

OSH17—A Primer!

Team Aux at the Front Gate of #avgeek Nirvana!


The Experience

OSH17—A Primer!

For anyone who’s ever attended, the Oshkosh experience is both overwhelming and unforgettable. Think of it as your weekend airshow on steroids, quadrupled up, and presented all week long!

In fact, as we speak, attendees are already flying and RV’ing in!

OSH17—A Primer! Night show

A Screen Shot from one of my night show videos. Check it out on facebook.com/CapnAux/ !

Even so, though the Venture adventure officially lasts from Monday through Sunday, those attending will still never see it all. Multiple events are happening simultaneously, from Warbird exhibitions to new product unveilings to—yes, of course, the airshows!

Of which, Oshkosh has a plethora. At least one per day, lasting about two hours, and Wednesday and Saturday will have a second night show as well. This is one of the ultimate highlights of the week, so whether you plan on attending one day or seven, be sure your visit includes a night show!



not worthy P-51 Mustang line Oshkosh OSH17—A Primer!

All hail the sacred P-51 Mustang! I can’t help but drop to my knees and, with teary eyes, hail the line of my all-time favorite airplane!

The Planes

P-51 Mustang and moon OSH17—A Primer!

OSH17—A Primer!

Of course, the stars of the show are what you’ve come for—the thousands of planes, from antiques to uniques, from airliners to military, from seaplanes to ultralights. Oh, yeah, and by the way, don’t forget to schedule a couple hours to hop on a free bus over to the seaplane pond!

During lulls in the activities (of which there are few!) you can always wander through the acres and acres of private planes flown in for the week. There, you can often chat with the planes’ owners and pilots themselves, many of whom simply camp under their wing all week, and all of whom have fascinating stories to tell!

Oshbash OSH17—A Primer!

“Airplanista” Dan Pimentel’s legendary OSHBASH, with a galaxy of aviation writers, bloggers, pilots and enthusiasts!

The People

OSH17—A Primer!

People come from all over the world for the planes, but the true, unexpected magic of the week are in the people themselves. You will meet amazing aviators, volunteers, and fellow enthusiasts—yes, from around the world!

OSH17—A Primer!

With Swayne Martin of BoldMethod.com!

You will make friends for life. It will be what you truly remember, and why you will return. Yes, aviation lovers around the world are a special breed!

OSH17—A Primer!

Team Aeroshell ROCKS it!

The Past

OSH17—A Primer!

In ’14 and ’15, Team Aux was able to attend as members of the Press.

Video interview with the cast of Airplane Repo!

Direct Link: https://vimeo.com/capnaux/airplanerepo

As mentioned above, we came for the planes, but left with a precious fistfull of new friends, friends that we will cherish for life!

EAA’s #OSH17 Primer Video. Direct Link: https://youtu.be/W-LCb456zWM

This Year

OSH17—A Primer!

Every year has a theme, and this year, its “the year of the bomber.” On Monday, July 24th, a B-1 Lancer flyover officially kicks off the week. Wednesday will feature a reenactment of the famous Doolittle Raid (75 years ago), complete with a formation of no less than a dozen B-25s!  Saturday has been dubbed, “Bomber Day,” and culminates in a “composite flyby” of a B-2, a B-1, and a B-52 Stratofortress.

What’s more, the kings of all airshows, the Blue Angels, will be performing!

See the schedule and links, below.

One word: WOW!

OSH17—A Primer!

Speaking of bombers, this year will also include a weeklong visit of the only DC-3 in history to be dispatched as a bomber . . .

OSH17—A Primer!

Miss Cleveland makes it to #OHS17! Photo courtesy Lead Breitling DC-3 Pilot, Francisco Agullo.

YES! I’m talking about the one and only Miss Cleveland, the Breitling-restored DC-3 that we’ve been chatting about all month, that is nearly in the home stretch in its bid to become the oldest aircraft to fly around the world!

Those of you who subscribe to Airways Magazine should be starting to get your next issue in the mailbox, which features my Miss Cleveland article as the cover story. If you’re not a subscriber, be sure to hit your local Barnes & Noble around the 25th of the month to snag an issue. But be quick: if your B&N store is anything like ours, those suckers tend to sell out fast!

As a last resort, you can order an issue online through the Airways Magazine website, at http://airwaysmag.com/store.

Extra Goodies

OSH17—A Primer!

Just cuz I’m not quite ready to say buh-bye to Oshkosh quite yet, here’s a collection of videos I did from years past, including an interview with the cast of Airplane Repo, the ever-charming Amelia Rose Earhart, and more. Let’s kick it off with a couple of my favs!

Word on the Ramp: Pure Osh-someness!

Direct Link: https://vimeo.com/capnaux/word10

Janet, the Fairey Gannet!

Direct Link: https://vimeo.com/capnaux/janet

OSH17—A Primer! Oshkosh vimeo collectionView the rest of the Oshkosh-related videos here:



Next week, we’ll wrap up our behind-the-scenes coverage of our Breitling DC-3 jumpseat adventure.

We’ll include more behind the scenes stories, pics and vids, as well as an excerpt from the Airways Magazine article!

We’ll even throw in an edited version of our LIVE Facebook broadcast of the flight itself!

Till then,

This is Cap’n Aux . . . 

OSH17—A Primer!

Team Aux, OSH 14!

AirVenturing Off!

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