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Secrets of an Airline Freight Dog

Secrets of an Airline Freight Dog They call themselves, “Freight Dogs.” They belong to a mythical yet elite outfit called, The Order of the Sleepless Knights. When you go to sleep, they go to work, schlepping boxes 25,000 feet over the countryside, often in aging aircraft, some even without autopilots, through rain, sleet, snow and hail. And, […]

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Air Rage in the (Un)Friendly Skies—What’s Going On?

Air Rage in the (Un)Friendly Skies—What’s Going On? Many of you have been asking for my take on the whole United debacle. I’ve spoken a bit about it on our sister channels (Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/CapnAux and Twitter at http://twitter.com/capnaux), and I’ll keep my thoughts brief here, as I’m sure we’re all getting a bit of […]

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-TWA MD-80 FO with FA 2001(2)

Confessions of a Former Airline Pilot

Confessions of a Former Airline Pilot Stop the Presses! CONGRATULATIONS to retired airline captain and Audio Narrator Thomas Block, for receiving the coveted status of Approved Producer by ACX, Amazon’s Audible platform. If you don’t already know, Mr. Block is the narrator for all of my audiobooks, from the Last Bush Pilots to the There I Wuz! series! Congratulations, Captain Block! Of […]

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