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  1. Cam   •  

    Finished the book! Took me a whole 48 hours, I couldn’t put it down. So Awesome. “You’ve just be promoted to orphaned bear cub, cheechacko.” Ahh! Classic! It was great, and I have a much better idea of what to expect when I get to Juneau. Thanks again!! PS, I’m gonna get started on that blog, I’ll keep you updated!

  2. Cap'n Aux   •     Author

    Outstanding, Cameron!

    Everybody, meet Cameron, Alaska’s newest bush pilot! I’m so glad you enjoyed the novel; now you know EXACTLY what to expect! Hoist a Chinook (these days aka Alaska Amber) for me at the Red Dog!

    I wish you clear skies, tailwinds…and not nearly the “excitement” in the skies of Alaska (and on the ground) as I portray in the novel!


  3. Kathy McCullough   •  

    Hi, Eric. Just dropping you a note to say Happy May! Nice break from serious subjects, having Karlene blog…I’m taking a break from mine for a while. I’ll start reading yours now!

    • Cap'n Aux   •     Author

      Hi Kathy, sorry for the tardy reply, just caught this–Nice to hear from you–enjoy the adventure!

  4. Byron Edgington   •  

    I’m a retired commercial helicopter pilot and published author looking for aviation stories. Can you help me get the word out about a current project? SkyWriting: Essays on the Art and Craft of Aviation needs flying tales from pilots & crews. Volume #1 is being assembled now, and will be available on Amazon, I hope, by summer. There will be as many volumes as I have stories for. Karlene Pettit has already submitted her great telling of losing an engine mid-Atlantic on an A330, and other aviators have sent me terrific tales. Proceeds from Volume #1 benefit Angel Flight, and subsequent volumes will target other charities. Submission guidelines and other details on my website. Thanks in advance, and send me a story or two!

    • Cap'n Aux   •     Author

      Sounds intriguing! Very noble to donate to Angel Flight. I too will be publishing an anthology of flying stories in June. Thanks for the info and link!

  5. Kaylene   •  

    I appreciate that you remembered the anniversary of the passing of our 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots. However, they passed on June 30th, not July 10th.

    • Cap'n Aux   •     Author

      Thank you for the correction, Kaylene. I apologize, and will correct it.

  6. H. Feinstein   •  

    Love Bunny’s Shirt, where did she get it?

    • Cap'n Aux   •     Author

      She was able to design it online herself, at Cafepress 🙂

    • Greg   •  


      Thanks for the reply! It’s looking like I’m going to have to dig my old CFI books out and start studying.

      I’m also finishing up the B.S in Aviation Administration at Utah Valley University (online). I have about 25 more credits to go. Not sure if that’ll help me because flying for a major is probably not in the cards for me at this point in the game. You never know though; gotta be positive!

      Thanks again for giving my situation some consideration. I greatly appreciate it!

      Best Regards,


      • Cap'n Aux   •     Author

        My pleasure, Greg. As close as you are, and with online options, perhaps you can finish up that B.S. as you start getting back in the game. Best of luck, and let us know how your adventure goes!

  7. Herman Crasto   •  

    Hi Cap’n Aux,

    Hope you’re doin’ awesome !! I’m enjoying reading articles from your blog. I HAVEN’T had enough, so I’ll be soon having my own copy of ‘There I Wuz!’ Congratulations on the success of your book, can’t wait to read it already!
    Sometimes it’s difficult to decide which are nouns and adjectives when it comes to describing writers who are actually capable of flying, or pilots who can actually write. Must say, you are a gifted writing pilot/flying writer and not forgetting to thank you for all the informative work and also reminding us now and again, why we love to fly…
    Um, when I read an inspiring aviation passage, it makes me wonder whether it was written in the cockpit. After landing, it sometimes seems as though reality encroaches and the magic is gone. Well off-course, you do see things from a broader perspective and allow your thoughts to drift beyond the horizon. Is that where you pen down your thoughts and most of your inspiration comes from?

    Keep the good articles coming!

    Best Wishes,


    • Cap'n Aux   •     Author

      Thanks so much for the comments! I know you’ll enjoy There I Wuz! and don’t miss The Last Bush Pilots, either!

      The brain is an amazing thing. When one experiences something dramatic and emotional, where the mind is fully engaged, one can re-experience it through imagination, as if still there. I believe that’s why I’m able to capture the reality of the moment for you. Just a guess. Also, I’ve been practicing the “Fly then write about it” bit for a long time! 😉
      Nice to meet you here, Herman!

  8. Herman Crasto   •  

    Likewise, Eric. 🙂

  9. Nick Spark   •  

    Hi Cap’n, awesome to see your blog entry and video featuring Jessica Cox. I know you know about our documentary Right Footed. After three years of work we are almost finished with the movie, and we just won a major grant from public television that clears the way to reach over 200 million audience members nationally. The film is very powerful and we know it’s going to change a lot of minds about disability, and the power of the human spirit.

    Anyway I wanted to see if you could help promote our crowdsourcing campaign, we desperately need to reach new supporters and raise awareness of what we are doing as we know how important it is.

    The place to direct people is which will forward to our Indiegogo campaign. You can also direct link from our film’s facebook page, just search for Right Footed on FB.
    We just put out a new and fun video today about how Jessica stole a TV set — see it here:


    After nearly three years of work, the documentary film Right Footed is nearly complete. This important film profiles Jessica Cox, a figure who is well known to the EDRIC community. Jessica was born without arms, and spent her childhood struggling to become independent. Eventually she learned to get dressed, drive a car and even fly an airplane — with her feet. The documentary follows Jessica as she transforms from a motivational speaker, to a mentor for children with disabilities, and finally to an advocate and activist for disability rights working on the world stage. That includes a trip to Ethiopia in support of school access for children with disability, a journey to the Philippines in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan to inspire survivors, and work in Washington D.C. on behalf of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities — a major disability treaty. The film also tells a very personal story — spanning over two years during which time Jessica gets married and begins a new life with her husband Patrick, and takes care of her mother Inez who is stricken with cancer.

    The film recently won an important grant from public television, but it’s not enough money to finish, so Jessica and her team have turned to crowdsourcing site Indiegogo for help. Please help get the word out about this important project by visiting and sharing the campaign with your friends on social media.
    The film is being made on a non-profit basis through the International Documentary Association (IDA), a recognized 501(c)3 organization based in Los Angeles, and all donations are tax deductible.

    • Cap'n Aux   •     Author

      Thanks for the comment, Nick!

      Jessica Cox (the world’s only licensed armless pilot) is an amazing woman with an amazing message, and I am proud to not only to promote her, but to call her a dear friend! It was so wonderful to run into her at the Copperstate Fly-in this weekend in KCZG!

      Everyone, be sure to check out , as well as this cute story told by Jessica about how she once stole a TV set — even though she has NO arms!

      Rest assured, Nick, I will be promoting these on the blog and our FB page, etc! 🙂

  10. Nick Spark   •  

    Thanks we knew you would come through for us!

  11. Raul   •  

    Hello Captain.. Gotta say I love your blog and videos. One of the coolest pilot’s I’ve come across. All the support from my side and greeting’s from Dubai 🙂

    • Cap'n Aux   •     Author

      Thank you for your reply, Raul! Glad you’re enjoying the blog! Feel free to comment on each specific blog post where others can see your comments, and also join us on our Facebook page at


  12. Jake Welty   •  

    Hello Captain Auxier,
    My name is Jake Welty, and I am a freshmen at Raisbeck Aviation High School, in Seattle, Washington. I am an aspiring Airbus A330 pilot, and also an avgeek, and am attempting to network with role models that could help me achieve my goal as a pilot, and make new friends. I also just want to say thank you for your contributions towards the aviation industry, and inspiring kids like me to become involved in the aviation industry. Thank you, and have high flying day!

  13. Mels Visser   •  

    Hi Cap´n Aux,

    I´m from The Netherlands and i want to be a pilot when i´m old enough! I´m flying microsoft flight simulator for more than 7 years now ) i´m almost 16 and i have more than 2200 of flight hours in the sim.

    I just wondered can i become a pilot if i have enough money? The only problem for me is that math isn’t my best subject on high-school! I can’t do algebra and i suck with cos-sin- and pythagoras:) Is it still possible to become a pilot even my math isn’t that good?

    Thank you in advance sir,


    • Cap'n Aux   •     Author

      Hi Mels!
      I think you can do anything you put your mind to.

      Math may be a challenge, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be overcome. It doesn’t have to be your best subject, but the more you focus on getting good grades NOW, the better off you’ll be when you compete for that coveted pilot job. If you discipline yourself now, not only will you have the discipline and habit to study new subjects, but you’ll be in a better position to understand new concepts.

      Good grades in high school will help you to get good grades in college, and help you when you start flight training as well.

      In short, Mels, YES, I think you can do this!!


      • Mels Visser   •  

        Hi Eric,

        Thank you for the quick answer:) I really appreciate it:)

  14. Jake Welty   •  

    Dear Captain Auxier,
    Hello once again. I had a question/request/invitation. First, do you have many trips to Seattle/Tacoma International Airport (KSEA)? If so, when is the next time you have a trip here? I am also inviting you to come tour Raisbeck Aviation High School. This is also an invitation for all other aviators who are interested in the school, I just need at least a months notice. Thank you, and happy flying!

    Best regards,

    Jake Welty

    • Cap'n Aux   •     Author

      Thanks, Jake! I replied to you via your email. 🙂

  15. Cap'n Aux   •     Author

    Thanks for the comment, Greg. I’m not really an expert on career counseling, but I do like to encourage folks like you to follow their dreams–as long as one understands the realities of this brutal business.

    With an email address of Stx350, are you by any chance based in St. Croix? 😉

  16. Jared Bryant   •  

    Good morning Captain! I have been looking for the best way to promote my current endeavors. I launched an indiegogo campaign and it needs to get in front of the right audience. I have spent my life savings on producing, playing and vetting my idea. It has been a long process. I created this when I was in Flight School in Daytona in 2007. I have not spent the entire 7 years working toward getting my study platform produced (I went to Alaska after school to get some good old stick and rudder time) – I am looking for people who see the value in having pilots interact during their flight training experience. Reaching the student pilot market in search of those who would invest in something that will not be available until I receive funding and finish production…well, “challenging” is a drastic understatement. If you have any ideas or know anyone who would like to invest in my company, please let me know. I already have the next four board game scenarios brain-mapped and conceptualized for Instrument Pilots, Commercial Pilots, ATP, Bush Pilots and a children’s version (8 and up) – If you have time, please visit and put ASCEND into the search bar. I’m gonna order your Bush Pilot book! It looks great!

    • Cap'n Aux   •     Author

      Nice to hear from a fellow Alaska pilot!

      Thanks for reaching out. I’ll approve your comment here, so that hopefully others may see it an be inspired to help with your Indegogo campaign. A board game sounds very intriguing!

      Good luck, and enjoy The Last Bush Pilots!


  17. Noel James   •  

    Hello Captain,
    I want to become a pilot.Can u mail me the details about this profeesion,the positives and the negatives, the best place to study especially in India etc.My Email is you would mail soon.
    Noel James

    • Cap'n Aux   •     Author

      Hi NoelJames!
      Your questions are what we talk about all the time, both here on, and also our Facebook page at !

      Look up my blog posts entitled, “The Airline Cockpit in 7 Simple Steps,” “Top 10 Downers of an Airline Career,” and “The Looming Pilot Shortage” for starters. Also explore the rest of the blog. I think you’ll get a feel for your answer that way, as it would be impossible to answer all your Q’s in just this comment!

      I am NOT expert in non-US training (nor US for that matter), so I can NEVER recommend specific routes, schools, etc. for you. That is all up to YOU to decide what is best for you!


  18. Noel James   •  

    Hello Captain,
    It’s me again.Can u mail the details about aerospace engineering and about pilot, what u guys do after landing,accomodation,salary,job scope etc.Hope u would mail soon.
    Noel James

  19. L R Reyes   •  

    Just read your article in Business Insider regarding crash coverage, and just wanted to say how much I agree with you! The ‘coverage’ of course is necessary, however I, not being a pilot, or familiar with the intricate workings of planes, am astounded by amateurish coverage from all news media, with regards to the safety features of the Airbus. I actually thought to myself, is every instrument panel going to be exactly the same? Is locking or unlocking the cockpit door as easy as they are demonstrating??? Just a turn of a button?

    So many other questions come to mind, but I won’t bore you with ridiculous and ovcious … I, like many, have flown as a passenger many times; and was lucky enough to have participated in ‘hook gliding’ years ago…for the thrill of it, and can say I truly love flying…

    After watching the ‘breaking news’ coverage, ad nauseam, I can’t understand why or how Richard Quest is an expert in anything. Your comments made me laugh out loud, literally, confirming that it’s just not me who sees him as a ‘wannabe anything’…what if any, are his credentials?

    It seems in order to ‘get the picture’ on anything, one must watch every news channel and read every article in order to ‘sort of’ understand what happened….so much has been speculation.

    Kudos to you on a forthright, down to earth [no pun intended], comprehensible article.

    Will look forward to reading your blog! Thank you Cap’n Aux!


    L Reyes

    • Cap'n Aux   •     Author

      L. Reyes,
      Thank you so much for the kind words! My sentiments have certainly seemed to strike a chord with the aviation crowd. I too am glad I’m not the only one sick of the drivel spouted out by “experts” on TV!

      Happy soaring, my friend.

      PS—This piece will appear on my blog on 4/1, after which we’ll be discussing it here. At that time, I will move your comment over to our discussion. Again, greatly appreciated!

  20. donald terry   •  

    just read your comments about aviation news coverage. I’m an aviation enthusiast and it is amazing how little some of these experts know about aviation. That Rene Marsh on cnn is especially annoying as her knowledge is probably just a date or two with a pilot. She is a utter moron. And lets not even bring up Don Lemon. How do these people get jobs let alone keep a job?

    • Cap'n Aux   •     Author

      Of course, we all have our opinions of different reporters, and none can ever be perfect. But certainly some have a more noble and trustworthy track record than others…and yet others come across as clueless blowhards.
      Thanks for the comment!

  21. bob daniel   •  

    Thanks for a well reasoned article on the A320 and the media frenzy. I have come to view the media as being as dishonest as politicians and lawyers, they will do or say anything to sell copy or fill up airtime. When the airplane went down, i knew we were in for at least 3 weeks of insane, wildly inaccurate gibberish. Shades of the Elian Gonzalez story!!!

    • Cap'n Aux   •     Author

      Thanks for adding your voice! I’ll be publishing this op ed piece on this blog on 4/1, after which our team of “Blogging in Formation” pilot-bloggers will be discussing the issue. At that time, I will move your comment to that thread.

  22. Cap'n Aux   •     Author

    Hi observer. I’ll have to refrain from publishing your comment here as my blog and writings are NOT associated with my employer, but rest assured I have read it. I quite agree, for any airline, if you treat your customers poorly, pretty soon you’ll have no customers left. I hope that lesson is learned soon as well. As for contracts…well, the devil is in the details, and by the way we have NO pension. But your point is well taken.

  23. Cap'n Aux   •     Author

    FLGovCand_gig: Like I said, I prefer to let the professional investigators do their job and wait for the accident report.

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