WotR 16-4 SS

Wotr 16-4: Meteors & Skydivers & #PokemonGo, Oh MY!

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for another edition of . . . WORRRRD ON THE RRRAMP! Our periodic roundup of All Cool Things Aviation! Episode 16-4: Emirates 521 crash & evacuation videos; MH 370 update; Oshkosh 2016; Mysterious fireballs in the U.S. sky; President signs Aviation Bill; Formation flight with a Red Bull plane…and a skydiver. […]

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Best of 15 Banner

BEST OF Cap’n Aux, 2015!

HAPPY EASTER, FOLKS! “He is not here; He has risen, just as He said.”—Mat 28:6 LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, from the flight blog, this is Cap’n Aux speaking. I’ve been hearing your cries! We are long overdue for our traditional “BEST OF,” so now that my insanely complex tax return (think a Rube Goldberg machine) has been taken […]

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TV’s “Airplane Repo”—Interview with the Stars!

  NOTICES TO AIRMEN In gratitude for your incredible support for my blog, books, and especially There I Wuz! For this weekend only . . . ALL 3 EBOOKS ARE FREE!   I say again, THIS WEEKEND ONLY, 8/16-17, on Kindle! . Hotlinks to downloads There I Wuz! http://goo.gl/FX9n3E The Last Bush Pilots  http://goo.gl/NCvGuW Code Name: Dodger goo.gl/9GykL … … Links to ALL Books, print or […]

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It’s All About YOU!

Folks, the videos I’m cutting for you from Oshkosh are going great! Our first post, an interview with the stars of Discovery Channel’s “Airplane Repo,” should be out some time next week, followed by the Fairey Gannet story. Both will publish on NYCAviation.com, and we’ll have a deeper story here. Here’s a (very low-res.) teaser of what’s to […]

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