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Black Swan Event Part 2

Ladies and Gents, THANK YOU for your incredible support of my books and novels!   So far this year, together we have raised nearly $1,000 for our orphan charities and! This means SO MUCH to me! Again, my heartfelt gratitude!     For a peek at all my books, available in print or ebook […]

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Piloty Stuff!

Friends, I’ve been working hard behind the scenes to brings you more amazing aviation content! Thought I’d touch base with you in regards to some great upcoming stuff.  First, however, I hope all you daddies out there had an excellent Father’s Day. I know I did! OK, so I spent the day flying my A321 across the country, but […]

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Aux Boys TIW2!! Lo

There I Wuz—More Adventures!

Ladies and gentlemen, from the Flight Blog, I am proud to announce the arrival of my brand new, bouncing baby . . . book! YES! It’s Finally Here! Volume 2 of There I Wuz! Adventures From 3 Decades in the Sky! Preorder link:   Once again, it is my great pleasure to put YOU in the […]

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Fly-By-Wifi? Not so Fast, Hacker!

Remember Folks, Today is Red Nose Day! Join the Fun to help our world’s children! Visit for more info. And don’t miss tonight’s extravaganza on NBC! Fly-By-Wifi? Not So Fast, Hacker! “Computer expert made plane fly sideways!” the USAToday headline cries. Much ado has been made recently about Security researcher Chris Roberts allegedly hacking into wifi […]

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Mary Schiavo

EyeWit-Less News: Mary Schiavo and the Clueless Press

“Never let the truth stand in the way of a good story.”Mark Twain All, Abuzz in the aviation community right now is chatter about a recent, grossly inaccurate and ignorant article—a supposed “exposé” by a local news station, an ABC affiliate. The “exposé” concerns a U.S. government-sponsored TSA program called Known Crew Member, or KCM. To hear this “crack […]

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