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Women in Aviation: Tales From the Terminal!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard our FIRST in a series of guest posts by women of, in, or just “plane” crazy about, aviation!   Kicking off our series is Jennifer S., an accountant for a large U.S. airport in the Midwest. Unlike most of her bored (and boring?) coworkers, she is absolutely gaga about aviation. She has recently […]

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WotR #Video: Happy National Aviation Day!

NOTICES TO AIRMEN! To celebrate Orville Wright’s birthday, TODAY, August 19, was declared in 1939 by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt to be . . . NATIONAL AVIATION DAY LET THE FESTIVITIES BEGIN! Here’s links to some cool, Aviation-y things you can do: NAD Wiki NASA: 10 Ways to Celebrate! NASA: Remembering First Flights Some More Cool […]

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THANK YOU, Thank you Vur-ry Much!

Folks, ever since Oshkosh, my heart has been filled with gratitude.   Gratitude for the beautiful blessing of aviation in our lives, in whatever form, and the fact that its magic has brought us together, not only in Oshkosh itself, but from around the world to this blog.   One special Thank You I’d like to […]

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Captain Richard de Crespigny A380 cockpit

Black Swan Event—Part 3

His name is Captain Richard De Crespigny. He flies the world’s largest airliner, the Airbus A380, for Qantas Airlines. And on November 4, 2010, he and his crew suffered what is called a “Black Swan event”—an event so rare that it can’t be prepared for, with major consequences. That event: the explosion of his Number 2 engine, […]

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