Captain Richard de Crespigny A380 cockpit

Black Swan Event—Part 3

His name is Captain Richard De Crespigny. He flies the world’s largest airliner, the Airbus A380, for Qantas Airlines. And on November 4, 2010, he and his crew suffered what is called a “Black Swan event”—an event so rare that it can’t be prepared for, with major consequences. That event: the explosion of his Number 2 engine, […]

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P51 Moon!!

#OSH15: Saturday Magic!

THE ULTRA-COOL ULTRALIGHT FIELD! Our Saturday started with a trip to the ultralight field for a chat with Announcer Pat Schmitz. And then . . . a flight around the patch in an ultralight! My first-ever solo flight was in a hang glider, so ultralights are dear to my heart. So amazing to see the […]

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_P51 taxi

#OSH15 on the Fly Too!

FRIDAY was an amazing day at everybody’s favorite aviation event. It was “Thank a Vet Day,” and I spent all day doing just that! THANK YOU TO ALL OUR VETERANS OUT THERE!!! Lots of Viet Nam vets, Korean conflict, even a few precious vets from WWII were on hand! American Airlines even flew in an MD-80 full of […]

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Planes Sunset Banner

#OSH15 on the Fly!

NOTICES TO AIRMEN: MEET CAP’N AUX AT OSH15! Folks, only 3 days left of this epic event! If you’re in the ‘hood and coming to #OSH15, I’d LOVE to meet you and give you a book! Contact me on ANY of the Social channels: Twitter (best): Facebook: Email: Also watch for occasional LIVE broadcasts […]

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_Aux A350 Closeup

Oshkosh, Quick ‘n Dirty!

    Folks, no time for finesse! Here’s some quick highlights of the Oshkosh ’15 adventure so far. As you know, it’s like going to Disneyland every day for a week—tons of fun, but overwhelming and exhausting! PART 1—THE PEOPLE   Planes are nothing but pretty hunks of metal sitting dead on the tarmac until the heart […]

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