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An Airline is Born!

On April 15, 1926, a young pilot named Charles A. Lindbergh flew a bag of mail in his DH-4 biplane from Chicago to St. Louis. Lindbergh’s company, Robertson Aircraft Corporation, eventually consolidated with several others to form what is known today as American Airlines, the largest airline in the world.   Flash forward some 90 […]

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Too HOT!

  This last Sunday, on Father’s Day, my hometown of Phoenix, Arizona experienced a blistering temperature of 118°F  (48°C), which tied the day’s record. It was also the 5th highest temperature in recorded history for the city.   Many of you wrote in with questions and concerns regarding aircraft performance under such intense conditions for Phoenix, as well as […]

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de Plane! SS WotR

Word on the Ramp: De Plane!

Welcome to another edition of WORD ON THE RAMP! Our periodic Video Roundup of All Cool Things Aviation! In this episode: Updates on EgyptAir 804 and MH370; Top Guns take over the narrative; “Fantasy Island’s” famous “De Plane”—where is it now? Vandalism hits Merrill Field; how to take off when you have no wheels? Bob Hoover pours us an ice […]

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Strike Package…

Every successful military campaign needs a Strike Package. That is, a mix of assets coordinated to bring maximum damage to the enemy. The best campaigns use the best armament. What’s in your strike package? To arm you with the full package, in celebration of the release of There I Wuz! Volume 3, we bring you There I Wuz! […]

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Robot is My Co-Pilot

IT’S OUT!!! THERE I WUZ! ADVENTURES FROM 3 DECADES IN THE SKY VOLUME 3 MORE . . . —Aeronautical Adventures —Inflight Emergencies  —Tough Lessons —Stories behind the stories —Guest Stories —Love, Laughs and Tears in the Sky —Surprises! In this Military-themed volume, I take a backseat to some top gunners of today and yesteryear . . […]

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