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Top 10 Best of Cap’n Aux—2014!

WHAT’S THE MYSTERY? ALL will be revealed after today’s BEST OF post! Ladies and gentlemen, from the Flight Blog, Welcome Aboard Flight 2015! Per tradition, here’s our Top 10 Countdown of the Best Cap’n Aux posts from Flight 2014, voted on by YOUR clicks! Coming in at Number . . . 10. Janet, the Amazing Flying Fairey Gannet! […]

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Pilots of the Caribbean 2 – Stranded in Paradise!

  There I Wuz! Stranded, jobless, homeless, in a 3rd world country . . . (Continued from last week) Oh, you may think, stranded in paradise ain’t so bad. But all that cash I had squirreled away in Alaska had quickly evaporated in the muggy Virgin Islands air while waiting for my checkride, and awaiting my first meager […]

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DHC-6 Twin Otter over San Juan

There I Wuz! Pilots of the Caribbean

Dedicated to the memory of Virgin Islands Seaplane Shuttle Director of  Operations, Captain John Stuart-Jervis. A  former Royal Navy pilot, Captain Stuart-Jervis was tragically lost to us in 1995 while competing in Europe’s most prestigious balloon race,  inexplicably shot down by the Belarus military. “Luck means taking chances. Rolling the dice.” Looking back on the long […]

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Returning to the Nest

NOTICES TO AIRMEN! Download the Excellent CRM book, The Pilot Factor for FREE through 1/8/15! Written by People of the Sky’s JD Marcellin, an airline pilot and Human Factors expert, the book is chock full of entertaining wisdom that will make you a better pilot! http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KEFBITI  (And, NO, I don’t make a red cent off this […]

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Interlude: AirNewsX Interviews Cap’n Aux!

This just in! Recently, I had the privilege to answer some questions for aviation blogger David Brooks, of AirNewsX. David asked some incredibly deep questions . . . Read more about it here! http://www.airnewsx.com/from-the-flight-deck .. And . . . HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! —  —  —  — LINED UP & WAITING Departing 1/2/15 Returning to the […]

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