Understanding #AirAsia8501

Aircraft accident investigations serve an important purpose: to learn what happened, so we can learn from what happened.   Thank you for your patience, folks. It’s finally here!   Captain Bill Palmer’s (Understanding Air France 447) and my analysis for Airways Magazine of the tragically avoidable December, 2014 AirAsia A320 accident. The full article appears in our April […]

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COUNTDOWN . . . to Zero Separation!

LET THE COUNTDOWN(S) BEGIN!! Gang, LOTS of exciting stuff coming up! The much-awaited print release of my new book, THERE I WUZ! Adventures From 3 Decades in the Sky, NOW available at: http://amazon.com/author/ericauxier Also on 7/18, don’t miss Disney’s awesome new animated film, “Planes: Fire & Rescue.” As you’ll recall, Disney invited me to a private screening last […]

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Interlude: #Cockpit View #A320 Low Vis. Takeoff!

#blog #avgeek #aviation #airline Folks, I’m excited to share with you a video of an extremely low-visibility, 1,000 RVR (1/8th mile in Freezing Fog) takeoff, filmed from the cockpit jumpseat! I added some subtitles and tidbits to help you enjoy the ride. HAPPY TAKEOFFS! Direct Link: http://youtu.be/oat9O-cAaio —  —  —  —  —  — Related Cap’n Aux Posts: YouTube Homepage—http://www.youtube.com/capnauxblog Zen […]

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I Say Again…Merry Christmas!

Ladies and gentlemen, from the flight deck…A Few ticklish tidbits to get you re-energized for the Holiday shopping adventure, and to carry you into the New Year. . . Quick! Gotta get those Christmas trees delivered, pronto!Actual vid: http://goo.gl/5TXSFT THANK YOU for tuning in this past 2013 The blog experience—and especially meeting all of you—has been AWESOME! —  —  —  —  — […]

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#Blogformation: What I Want Under the Christmas Tree

#blog #aviation #avgeek #christmas It’s Blogging in Formation Week!—Posts all week beginning Dec. 1   Dec. 1: iFLYblog – Brent Owens Dec. 2: Airplanista – Dan Pimentel Dec. 3: Smart Flight Training – Andrew Hartley Dec. 4: Flight to Success – Karlene Petitt Dec. 5: House of Rapp – Ron Rapp   Dec. 6: Adventures of Cap’n Aux – Eric Auxier This Month’s Theme: What I Want […]

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