9/11 — Never Forget.

#9/11 This is a bittersweet week for aviation. While many avgeeks are frothing over the the release of “Sully” on 9/9, close on its heels comes 9/11. Read my 9/11 experience at the new blog HERE Direct Link: Note: in honor of those heroes lost on 9/11 and the war on terror, ALL Cap’n Aux posts and social feeds will be blacked out […]

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WotrCover Chicks Banner

Word on the Ramp: Chicks Rule!

Folks, from the flight blog, welcome aboard another edition of . . . WORRRRD ON THE RRRAMP! Our periodic video roundup of All Cool Things Aviation! Episode 16-2: Chicks Rule! In this edition: Airline crash updates; Airport Security & the Brussels Bombing; When pigs—er, dogs, Fly; First Class view of a Solar Eclipse; Gnarly New Zealand […]

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Understanding #AirAsia8501

Aircraft accident investigations serve an important purpose: to learn what happened, so we can learn from what happened.   Thank you for your patience, folks. It’s finally here!   Captain Bill Palmer’s (Understanding Air France 447) and my analysis for Airways Magazine of the tragically avoidable December, 2014 AirAsia A320 accident. The full article appears in our April […]

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COUNTDOWN . . . to Zero Separation!

LET THE COUNTDOWN(S) BEGIN!! Gang, LOTS of exciting stuff coming up! The much-awaited print release of my new book, THERE I WUZ! Adventures From 3 Decades in the Sky, NOW available at: Also on 7/18, don’t miss Disney’s awesome new animated film, “Planes: Fire & Rescue.” As you’ll recall, Disney invited me to a private screening last […]

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Aviation Book Review: Flight for Safety!

#aviation #avgeek #airbus #novel #bestsellerCAN YOU HANDLE THE TRUTH? Say, who is that handsome fella in the pic?    Ladies and gentlemen, from the flight blog, this is your Cap’n speaking . . . I am excited to inform you that fellow Airbus pilot/blogger/author Karlene Petitt’s new novel, Flight for Safety, the sequel to the […]

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Guest Post! JD Marcellin on T.E.A.M. work!

#blog #avgeek #aviation #marvel #avengers —NOTICES TO AIRMEN— A reminder: This weekend, I will be doing a book signing with fellow Pilot-Author-Blogger Karlene Petitt at the NORTHWEST AVIATION CONFERENCE AND TRADE SHOW Look for our banner, JetStar Publishing (View my novels Here: I can’t wait to meet you! — — — — — — — And now . . […]

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