Safety: A Frightfully Serious Matter

Safety-A Frightfully Serious Matter . . . THIS POST IS DEDICATED TO THE MEMORY OF “THE PILOT’S PILOT” BOB HOOVER Cap’n Aux shares his thoughts for pilots on the lessons Bob Hoover taught us all . . . Direct Link: Both Chuck Yeager and Jimmy Doolittle called Hoover the best stick-and-rudder pilot they’d ever seen. From […]

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Flash Mob: White Pilots Can Dance!

Flash Mob: White Pilots Can Dance! Flash! White Pilots Can Dance! (Sort of.) Need proof? Look no further than the American Airlines “Flash Mob” at PHX Sky Harbor Airport! Around 25 AAL employees, including Flight Attendant Bunny and Yours Truly, participated in a Flash Mob at Terminal 4, dancing to Beyonce’s “Move Your Body.” As […]

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US 1549 Miracle on the Hudson Banner

New #Sully Movie: Going for Olympic #Rio16 Gold?

New #Sully Movie: Going for Olympic #Rio16 Gold Clint Eastwood – Tom Hanks – Cap’n Sully – Miracle on the Hudson . . . New #Sully Movie: Going for Olympic #Rio16 Gold? My First Blog post for the New! Folks, from the flight deck, this Cap’n Aux speaking. Our flight out of La Guardia […]

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Robot is My Co-Pilot

IT’S OUT!!! THERE I WUZ! ADVENTURES FROM 3 DECADES IN THE SKY VOLUME 3 MORE . . . —Aeronautical Adventures —Inflight Emergencies  —Tough Lessons —Stories behind the stories —Guest Stories —Love, Laughs and Tears in the Sky —Surprises! In this Military-themed volume, I take a backseat to some top gunners of today and yesteryear . . […]

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Prince and . . . Chemtrails?

It’s been a tough year for music lovers, as in short succession we’ve lost no less than three icons: country legend Merle Haggard, androgynous rocker David Bowie, and now that even more androgynous rocker, Prince.   While I didn’t really appreciate Prince’s music back in the Day (do much more now), I’ve always greatly respected him as an artist. He […]

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Word on the Ramp: Chicks Rule!

Folks, from the flight blog, welcome aboard another edition of . . . WORRRRD ON THE RRRAMP! Our periodic video roundup of All Cool Things Aviation! Episode 16-2: Chicks Rule! In this edition: Airline crash updates; Airport Security & the Brussels Bombing; When pigs—er, dogs, Fly; First Class view of a Solar Eclipse; Gnarly New Zealand […]

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