#Bombogenesis and Airlines—How do Pilots Cope?

#Bombogenesis and Airlines—How do Pilots Cope?

How do pilots deal with weather, and especially Ice Storms such as the recent “Bombogenesis?”

icy 737 #Bombogenesis and Airlines—How do Pilots Cope?

Well, The Points Guy, an excellent travel blog, recently interviewed me and other pilots, such as Patrick Smith of Ask the Pilot, about that very topic. The result is an EXCELLENT and thorough article by contributing writer Michael Kaminer explaining the process.

cockpit iPad #Bombogenesis and Airlines—How do Pilots Cope?

What I especially like about his article is that Mr. Kaminer even went so far as to contact Boeing to learn how they do their flight performance tests in such extreme weather conditions, in order to create the tables, charts and procedures that we line pilots use daily. Fascinating!

#Bombogenesis and Airlines—How do Pilots Cope?

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#Bombogenesis and Airlines—How do Pilots Cope?

Deice Gif #Bombogenesis and Airlines—How do Pilots Cope?

While I was able to avoid the East Coast during “Bombogenesis,” that doesn’t mean its repercussions weren’t felt by me and the rest of the country. Here’s a gif from a video I took just last night in ORD. The 737 next to us was deicing at the gate. After we boarded, we got the same treatment.

Check out The Points Guy article here!

How Do You Fly in a Winter Storm? Pilots Explain How it Works

Direct Link: https://thepointsguy.com/2018/01/pilots-explain-flying-winter-storm/

Can’t help but rub it in: We in PHX have been enjoying sunny skies and 70° temps! As we say in PHX during summertime: you don’t have to shovel HEAT!

Say hi to the Points Guy while you’re there, and tell him Cap’n Aux sent you!

I hope you and yours had a spectacular holiday season and have started 2018 off right. I know I have!

And, I hope to goodness that you East Coasters have dug back out from Bombogenesis and returned to your daily lives.

In any case, bundle up tight, get those flu shots, and may 2018 be full of Aviation and Avgeek blessings, to you and your family!

This is Cap’n Aux . . .

#Bombogenesis and Airlines—How do Pilots Cope?

Ready to tackle Bombogenesis in 6° ORD! Oh, and First Officer KJ, it’s your walk around today!

Deicing off!

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Aux and kids cockpit! #Bombogenesis and Airlines—How do Pilots Cope?

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Best of 2017!

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