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BEST OF Cap’n Aux, 2015!

HAPPY EASTER, FOLKS! “He is not here; He has risen, just as He said.”—Mat 28:6 LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, from the flight blog, this is Cap’n Aux speaking. I’ve been hearing your cries! We are long overdue for our traditional “BEST OF,” so now that my insanely complex tax return (think a Rube Goldberg machine) has been taken […]

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Aviation Book Review: Flight for Safety!

#aviation #avgeek #airbus #novel #bestsellerCAN YOU HANDLE THE TRUTH? Say, who is that handsome fella in the pic?    Ladies and gentlemen, from the flight blog, this is your Cap’n speaking . . . I am excited to inform you that fellow Airbus pilot/blogger/author Karlene Petitt’s new novel, Flight for Safety, the sequel to the […]

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Guest Post! JD Marcellin on T.E.A.M. work!

#blog #avgeek #aviation #marvel #avengers —NOTICES TO AIRMEN— A reminder: This weekend, I will be doing a book signing with fellow Pilot-Author-Blogger Karlene Petitt at the NORTHWEST AVIATION CONFERENCE AND TRADE SHOW Look for our banner, JetStar Publishing (View my novels Here: I can’t wait to meet you! — — — — — — — And now . . […]

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Best of Cap’n Aux 2013!

#blog #aviation #avgeek #bestof HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! (Special thanks to Ron at for the gorgeous photo with his stunning bride!) A short 30 sec. video for you in honor of our Loving Day! Direct Link: —NOTICES TO AIRMEN— I will be joining fellow Pilot-Author-Blogger Karlene Petitt (Flight for Control; Flight for Safety) at Washington Aviation […]

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Vlog: Livin’ the Dream!

#blog #video #avgeek #aviation Ladies and gentlemen, from the flight deck, I am proud to present . . . LIVING THE DREAM! ANOTHER DAY IN THE LIFE OF AN AIRLINE PILOT      Flying airliners is a decidedly left brain activity; no room for creativity in this business. (“What’s our Flight Plan today, Cap’n?” “Oh, […]

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#Blogformation: What I Want Under the Christmas Tree

#blog #aviation #avgeek #christmas It’s Blogging in Formation Week!—Posts all week beginning Dec. 1   Dec. 1: iFLYblog – Brent Owens Dec. 2: Airplanista – Dan Pimentel Dec. 3: Smart Flight Training – Andrew Hartley Dec. 4: Flight to Success – Karlene Petitt Dec. 5: House of Rapp – Ron Rapp   Dec. 6: Adventures of Cap’n Aux – Eric Auxier This Month’s Theme: What I Want […]

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