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You probably have noticed that most bloggers have what’s called a “Blogroll.” Here, the blogger lists his favorite blogs, usually closely related to his own. I have one to the right as well. See?
Nevertheless, it’s easy to miss some wonderful gems, so this week I’d like to introduce you to a few of my favorite aviation bloggers.

Blogging 101

While this is by no means an exhaustive list, my aim is to call attention to a few who are either 1.) just starting out, 2.) have a relatively small audience, 3.) are vastly under-appreciated, or simply… 4.) kick aviation a$$!

First and foremost, 
I would like to introduce you to a blogger who is the original inspiration for this post. 

The Pilot Factor
When I stumbled upon The Pilot Factor, I was delighted to find the blogger’s writing insightful, relevant, and always with a great touch of humor. Blogging on serious aviation topics, he finds ways to relate them to iconic, often humorous themes, that resonate with me: Captain James T. Kirk, Cap’n Jack Sparrow, and samurai, to name a few . . . in short, he speaks to Cap’n Aux’s heart!
LOVE the avatar, JD!
Not unlike a few “zany” Cap’n Aux pics I’ve shared of late!
A fellow airline pilot up in Canada, Jean Marcellin has been blogging since August, 2009. Though I am still delightfully exploring more past posts, here’s a few links to my favorites, so far: 

Team Management: Are you a Team Leader?                 The Samurai Code– True service in a crew environment
Team Assessment: The Problem with the Problem.          Keep Calm and Aviate, Navigate, Communicate
—  —  —  —  —
Next up
is a young man who is going places, and fast. 
From Private to Professional Pilot
A high schooler in his teens, Swayne Martin blogs about his flight training experiences over at Photos, videos, and interviews with other pilots abound. I seriously don’t know where he finds the time to do it all, and do it right! 
Not satisfied with the demoralizing negativity he was finding on pilot boards, he sought out me and other bloggers, who were able to encourage him to pursue his flying dream. (As Cap’n Jack Sparrow says, above, “The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem!” Savvy, mate?) Being one of my first blog buddies, Swayne sent me this meme that he made, with quotes from my novel, The Last Bush Pilots:
Here’s a link to an older post of his, that is still very relevant to all of us today:
Don’t Let Others Dissuade You
Several of Swayne’s GoPro cockpit vids have gone viral, and his readership is quickly taking off.
Here’s a vid of his first solo:
You go, Swayne!
—  —  —  —  —
Next is
an awesome young man who is one of my aviation heroes.
A staff Sergeant soon to be honorably discharged from the Army, Justin “JD” Campbell has served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. JD blogs over at, about his flight training adventures.

An amazingly successful young man in his mid-twenties, Justin is working closely with me to help mentor some of our wonderful up and coming aviation youth. Justin is on the verge of snagging his PPL (Private Pilot License.) Not satisfied with that, however, Justin plans to charge full speed ahead and bag the rest of his ratings, and join me in the airline cockpit!

I recently had the honor of meeting JD in Dallas, and made a fun vlog (video blog) about it:

—  —  —  —  —

One of the world’s most delightful blogs 
is run by Julie “Miss TWA” Theriot, at (because she “really misses TWA”!)

Not a pilot herself, she is nevertheless one of the most enthusiastic, self-described “avgeeks” I’ve ever cyber-met! Always on the lookout for nostalgic memorabilia from the Golden Age of air transport, she has a small but very active worldwide following.


Somewhat scatterbrained, somewhat irreverent and always zany, Miss T also has an uncanny ability to dig up the most amazing cockpit and airline photos.


Members are constantly commenting and ribbing each other, the greater cut-down, the better! Somehow, Cap’n Aux seems to consistently wind up as the butt of many a joke…

—  —  —  —  —

Several more excellent blogs

Twice-furloughed pilot Brian still finds reasons to be grateful as he celebrates his 3rd “blogiversary” at  The Renewed Pilot

Airbus pilot Ryan O’Harren has a spectacular camera eye and an enthusiastic audience over at Ryan O’Harren Photography

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves!

A whole lotta chatter goin’ on at . . .
At Airline Pilot Chatter,, American Airlines pilot  Brad blogs in excellent, professional detail on the life and times of an American airlines pilot. 

“Experience is a hard teacher, first comes the test, then the lesson.” 

Such is the tough advice coming from airline pilot Ivan’s  great blog, Cockpit Chatter

Full of the latest aviation news.  
Jeremy at is a self-professed Aviator, Musician, Tennis player and World Traveler. In short, my kinda guy! Fun & to the point, his posts talk about life and how it relates to aviation— or vice versa.

At Daddy, Daddy, Come Back,,  pilot wife Joanna blogs all-too-candidly about the realities of being a “part-time single mom.”

A healthy dose of reality for any pilot’s spouse! (Note: Joanna firmly believes in the liberal, therapeutic application of the f-bomb!)

—  —  —  —  —


I would be sorely remiss if I did not include my own Blogging in Formation team, consisting of 6 excellent and seasoned aviation bloggers. They are each one big names in the aviation blogging community, and really need no introduction.  We blog on a specific aviation topic the first week of every month.
Here’s a list of their respective sites, along with an excellent intro post to our team by Formation Blogger Brent Owens:
Hotlinks to sites:
Flight to Success – Karlene Petitt 
House of Rapp – Ron Rapp
Airplanista – Dan Pimentel
Smart Flight Training – Andrew Hartley
iFLYblog – Brent Owens

Stop the Presses—2 Late Entries!

Folks, I just discovered Enrico B’s brand new blog, “Prop Hell.”

It’s a blog by a flight student, with a twist: while he still dreams of becoming an airline pilot, he writes about the gritty realities of this business. This is something I think all upcomers need.

While he’s only got a couple posts up, Cap’n Aux is liking the direction he’s going with it!

Another promising looking blog is from East Indian aspiring pilot and EMT Shrey. He’s already got a good article up about flying the A320 sim. Check it out!

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And still more…

Related Cap’n Aux Posts:
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Special Halloween Edition
The Darwin Awards—Aviation style!
An updated, encore post!
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Blogging in Formation Week!
Posts all week, the 1st week of November!

Hotlinks to sites:
Flight to Success – Karlene Petitt 
Adventures of Cap’n Aux – Eric Auxier
House of Rapp – Ron Rapp
Airplanista – Dan Pimentel
Smart Flight Training – Andrew Hartley
iFLYblog – Brent Owens

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