The Magic of Oshkosh

Holy moly, people, I gotta take a breath! Been going at it 24/7 (so it seems!) here at Oshkosh, and there’s so much more to see!

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I’m writing some great stories about great people here, but in the meantime, let me give you a quickie tour of our first couple days!

IMG_1792 copy

P-51D Mustang, my all-time favorite airplane! Drool…

IMG_1898 copy

IMG_1941 copy

And a few quick, freaking awesome vids for ya!

HANDS-DOWN WINNER, STOL takeoff  and landing. . . !

And, OMG, the AIRSHOWS!!! There must be 100 birds in the air!

This is Cap’n Aux . . . signing off!