Adventures of Cap’n Raph!

Adventures of Cap’n Raph! Folks, from the flight deck…I hope you had a grand Thanksgiving weekend. I know I did! Sometimes the stars align, the aviation gods smile upon you…and Adventures ensue! This was one of those weekends. For, my good Blog Buddy Raphaël F, an A320 Captain from Switzerland, was visiting the U.S. Things just […]

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Memories, Not Dreams Aviation Book Review

Memories, Not Dreams Aviation Book Review ” Learn from the mistakes of others – you haven’t got time to make them all yourself.”Jules Tapper Memories, Not Dreams Aviation Book Review Folks, I recently read a wonderful aviation book that any discerning aviation fan would devour. Entitled, “Memories Not Dreams” (Amazon kindle, $3.95) it is a […]

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Mark shows us the venerable 737 cockpit.

Cap’n Dillon: Adventure-Inspiration-Hope!

Happy April Fool’s Hangover Day! I trust you didn’t get caught by (too many) pranks! If you missed out on the shenanigans, however, here’s a fun prank unleashed by Southwest to start your day! Direct Link: https://youtu.be/B4kLQ5-Brs4 What were some of YOUR pranks out there yesterday? We’d love to hear it in the Comment section below! But First, […]

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DHC-6 Twin Otter over San Juan

There I Wuz! Pilots of the Caribbean

Dedicated to the memory of Virgin Islands Seaplane Shuttle Director of  Operations, Captain John Stuart-Jervis. A  former Royal Navy pilot, Captain Stuart-Jervis was tragically lost to us in 1995 while competing in Europe’s most prestigious balloon race,  inexplicably shot down by the Belarus military. “Luck means taking chances. Rolling the dice.” Looking back on the long […]

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Cameron Crop

Interview with an Alaska Bush Pilot

In many ways, I am the same pilot, but my aeronautical decision making and stick and rudder skills have increased exponentially.Cameron Livingstone, Alaska Bush Pilot Folks, I’m excited to bring you a special interview, with a young man I met this Spring when he was about to set out on an adventure of a lifetime! I couldn’t help […]

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