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Blogging in Formation: Back to the (Supersonic) Future?

“I believe we’re headed back to the future. I’m talking about the return of supersonic passenger aircraft.” —Ron Rapp,   . . . And now, a Blogging in Formation Special . . . BIF Team Member Ron Rapp has posited this incredible premise: Within the next 10 years, aviation is poised to embrace supersonic biz jets. WHAT SAY […]

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Happy 4th! The Future of U.S. Aviation

#blogformation #avgeek #aviation #blog #4thofJuly #Independenceday  Happy Birthday America!  It’s Blogging in Formation Week! Posts all week from your favorite Aviation Bloggers! This week’s theme: The Future of U.S. Aviation Hotlinks to Blogging in Formation sites: Saturday, June 29: Dan Pimentel (Airplanista) Sunday, June 30: Andrew Hartley (Smart Flight Training)Monday, July 1: Brent Owens (IFlyBlog)Tuesday, July 2: […]

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