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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

May I present to you

Word on the Ramp!

Special Christmas Edition, Volume 2


But First . . .

MAX DISCOUNT on ALL my books through December!


Best part: ALL author proceeds from your purchase go to orphan charities!


LBP book-cover-with-award 350dpi Lo

The Last Bush Pilots

Two young pilots…one bold dream…but if Alaska doesn’t beat them, their friendship may.


“You won’t want to put it down while the midnight sun still shines!”Airways Magazine

Two young pilots, Daniel “DC” Alva, and Allen David Foley, take on the world’s most dangerous flying: the Alaskan bush. But Mother Nature—and a beautiful Native Alaskan—stand in their way.

Southeast Alaska Seaplanes, Juneau. Retired airline captain and Chief Pilot Dusty Tucker pilots a renegade band of flying misfits. Meet legendary bush pilot Jake “Crash” Whitakker, equally adept at landing planes and ladies—and “crashin’ ‘em” as well; prankster pilot Ralph Olaphsen, who once set an extinct volcano ablaze on April Fool’s Day; and no-nonsense Check Airman Holly Innes, trying to cut a respectable niche in the notoriously macho bush pilot world—while escaping a dangerous past.

 The Last Bush Pilots in Print or eBook


There-I-Wuz-cover-FINAL LOThere I Wuz! Adventures From 3 Decades in the Sky

“The altimeter spins backwards in a blur, like a mad scientist’s time travel clock.” 

A collection of my real life aeronautical adventures, from such publications as Airways Magazine, NYCAviation.com, Plane & Pilot magazine and my blog (capnaux.com). Also included are several unpublished works, guest stories from fellow pilot-authors, photos, links to videos and other gems.

Join me in the cockpit on an adventure spanning over three decades!

“When we come across and aviator with a gift for storytelling, those adventures jump off the page. Eric Auxier such and author, and There I Wuz! is the book.”Karlene Petitt, Pilot, Blogger & Author, Flight for Safety; and Flight For Control

There I Wuz! in Print or eBook


CNDodger Print New Cvr 8-13-HICode Name: Dodger

A Young Adult, “Spy/Fly” Adventure Series!

Book 1: Operation Rubber Soul

Rebellious teen orphan Justin Reed and beautiful illegal immigrant Mira search for Justin’s father’s killer. But in their quest for vengeance, the two are plunged into a seamy world of intrigue, espionage and assassination. CIA Agent Bob Cheney joins them in a frantic search for a missing key that could hold the clue to his father’s murder–and change the course of world history. But can Mira’s stunning brown eyes be trusted? And is is Agent Cheney really the “good spy” and father figure he pretends to be?

CND 2 COVER LoJustin must rely on his old orphan street smarts—and his new CIA training—to track down the key and outwit the Pharaoh, an evil enemy spy.

Code Name: Dodger in  Print or eBook


Mission 2: Cartel Kidnapping

“Who is the great CIA Agent, Artful Dodger? Tell me now, and I kill you quick.”

CIA Case Officer Bob Cheney is kidnapped, and teen orphan Justin Reed—aka the Artful Dodger—tracks his newly-adoped father to a top secret smuggling base, where he is forced to match wits with the cartel family’s brilliant teen prodigy, Luis Ocho. But Luis’s stunning sister Kiara is another story. Is she falling for Justin, or is this just another one of Luis’s diabolical tricks to lure the “great Agent Dodger” to his demise?

Once again, Justin is forced to rely on his old street smarts—and his new CIA training—to face a ruthless enemy.

Cartel Kidnapping in Print or eBook

Books Product Shot-2 72 dpi

All books are available in Print or eBook, at Amazon: http://amazon.com/author/ericauxier


And now . . .

Word on the Ramp!

Special Christmas Edition, Volume 2

Direct Link: http://vimeo.com/capnaux/word4

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!Photos from this Episode’s Blogcast!

Austin A FLL

Fantastic photo by Cap’n Austin A, 2,000′ over KFLL! (Fort Lauderdale, FL)!

Have a Merry Flight Plan!

Have a Merry Flight Plan! Thanks for sharing MissTWA.blogspot.com!

Safety First, Cap'n Claus!

Safety First, Cap’n Claus!

My kinda Nativity!

My kinda Nativity! Thanks Melissa H!

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