Women in Aviation: Tales From the Terminal!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard our FIRST in a series of guest posts by women of, in, or just “plane” crazy about, aviation!

  Kicking off our series is Jennifer S., an accountant for a large U.S. airport in the Midwest. Unlike most of her bored (and boring?) coworkers, she is absolutely gaga about aviation. She has recently started her own blog about her experiences there, called Tales From the Terminal, and let me tell ya, it’s a hoot!

Tales Terminal

  Jen possesses a zany, whimsical style reminiscent of one of my favorite aviation bloggers, Miss TWA—whom we’ll hear from during this series as well! The fact that Jennifer can turn a mundane job like accounting into a refreshing, laugh aloud aviation experience is testimony to her talent.

In short, she’s our kind of avgeek!

Be sure to visit her blog over at:


Without further adieu, I give you . . . Jennifer!


Thank you, Jennifer! I hope you get that coveted stair truck joy ride—but, sorry, my jumpseat is booked up . . . um, for the next 12 years!

Once again, be sure to visit Jennifer’s blog over at:


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