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FFF KelvinEric was the cousin and childhood best friend of one of last month’s Fledgeling Flyers, Kelvin Pella, and  was tragically taken from us in a bus accident in Tanzania that killed 42 people.

You will be missed! 

Folks, from the flight blog, what a fantabulous time we had at Women of Aviation Worldwide‘s Fly it Forward celebration!

The Event

Only 6% of pilots are women—let’s double that!

WOAW site


Around the country, last week’s #FlyitForward event introduced thousands of gals to aviation!

The Flight Line

Last year, nationwide, nearly 6,000 girls took their first flight with us . . . & I’ll take the Twin Otter!

Flight Line

On their own time and dime, volunteer pilots flew these lucky gals for free!

The Hangar

Standing room only! This year, over 700 girls flew here in KABQ alone . . . 

Hangar Pano 2

The Talk

I spoke to the girls about aviation careers, and hoped to inspire them to pursue their dreams!

Aux Presentation crowd 1


Team Aux Executive Assistant, Marketing-Media Specialist & GF Bunny kept me organized!

Moreover, she did a great job filling in for our Tech Specialist John “Otto Pilot” Keith!

Aux Bunny Table

It’s a tough job, but hey, somebody’s gotta do it!

Me Gals! WOAW 3-15

Aux Pilot Hat Kid

And the cute young aviators just kept comin’!Aux young aviator 1

The People

Special thanks to our KABQ volunteers!

Aux Jason Swartz Etch SketchCheck this out:

Champion Etch a Sketcher Jason Swartz whipped me up a nice present!

Aux Jason Swartz Bk cropOf course, I had to respond in kind, with a copy of There I Wuz!

To watch some fascinating high speed videos of his sketch artistry in action, visit his amazing site at:


Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 1.38.45 PM

Another celebrity on hand was SkyChick Ramona Cox, who not only flew kids all day, but regaled us with tales of her aeronautical back country adventures!


Ramona_CoxSky Chick may very well be the one person that ups me on There I Wuz stories!

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 3.37.51 PMFor a taste of some of her wild adventures, visit her page at


While Bunny and I had an absolute wonderful time chatting with the girls, one always wonders whether words have fallen on deaf ears. It’s truly my desire to inspire young folks to pursue their dreams and passions—whether it’s aviation, ballet, or underwater basketweaving. Well, our success can be summed up in an email I received the next day, from a middle school teacher whose passion for his kids obviously exceeded even ours:

WOAW HS Letter!


The Video

So,what did I talk about, you ask? Watch this!


Direct Link: http://vimeo.com/121864637

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Departing soon

Video Interview with Qantas A380 Captain Richard De Crespigny!

RDC Collage Jpg

Crespigny-4Author of QF32, on November 4, 2010, Captain De Crespigny had an unprecedented “Black Swan” event when the #2 engine of his A380 exploded in flight, destroying the engine and wreaking havoc on all systems.

885737-qantas-engine-blastAfter a grueling 2 hours-plus of emergency procedures, CRM (Crew Resource Management,) and amazing airmanship, Captain De Crespigny safely landed his crippled bird in Singapore!

Aux RdC Side 1 corr

Our amazing interview coming soon!

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Departing in March & April

—Word on the Ramp 7!

—Celebrating 50 years at Cochise Flight College!

Blogging in Formation!

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