The Legacy of ValuJet 592

This week marks the 20th anniversary of the ValuJet 592 tragedy.

  On May 11, 1996, Flight 592’s McDonnell-Douglas DC-9 crashed into the Everglades a mere eleven minutes after takeoff from Miami, killing all 110 people on board.


  On takeoff, improperly packaged and labeled oxygen generators in the cargo compartment caught fire, which quickly spread throughout the plane.

  While the bulk of the blame went to maintenance contractor SabreTech—and resulted in the first-ever U.S. criminal indictments for an airline accident.—the tragedy left ValuJet’s public reputation in tatters.

But was this reputation deserved?

1634333  Today, I explore that topic, and the impact that the ValuJet crash has had on the aviation industry.

We also ask the question: Could there be a ValuJet-type tragedy lurking around the corner today?

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