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In Memorium: MH17

In Memorium of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crash in Eastern Ukraine today, the Cap’n Aux post, “Top 10 Things to Never Say to a Pilot” will be on blackout for 24 hours. The blog will post Friday, 7/18 at 1100 MST/1800 GMT. For more information on MH17, see: Story: What we know: Photo of MH17 departing Schiphol […]

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“The Best Office View”—Part 2—& Vlog!

#vlog #blog #avgeek #aviation #photo #filipino #philippines Ladies and gents, from the Flight Deck, Cap’n Aux will be joining you in the back of the cabin today,  for our Excellent Philippines Jumpseat Adventure! (Some of you have been clamoring for this post since February, so here it finally is!) But first . . . Yesterday […]

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