Just one of those miracles of good lighting. We were on gradual descent into KDFW, and a little flash for the foreground to compliment the lovely golden sunset. Man, can't get enough of this stuff, can we?!

World’s Best Office View—Part 2!

One of the great joys of my blog is sharing my daily cockpit adventures with you. I love to regale you with tales of the adventure—nonfictional or otherwise—but sometimes a photo is worth a thousand blogs. So, without further adieu, Part 2 of our “Best Office View,” featuring some reader-submitted photos as well! Requisite disclaimers: ALL MEDIA […]

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Best Office View in the World! Pt. 1

Folks, we are wayyyyy overdue for a Best Of Photos post! So, without further adieu, join me in the cockpit for the World’s Greatest Office View Of course, we must begin with the requisite disclaimers: ALL MEDIA RECORDED IN STRICT ACCORDANCE WITH FAR’S. POST-FAR  121.306, ALL media has been recorded by entities OTHER than on-duty flight crew—i.e., […]

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