Interlude: Happy Int’l Civil Aviation Day!

In 1944, the United Nations decreed that December 7 would be known as, International Civil Aviation Day. Visit http://www.icao.int/Pages/default.aspx for more info! Coincidentally, today is also “Pearl Harbor Day,” that Date which will live in infamy. Let us remember the fallen on that day that changed the world. Here are a few links for you: http://dailysignal.com/2014/12/07/21-photos-pearl-harbor-day-will-live-infamy/ […]

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“The Best Office View”—Part 2—& Vlog!

#vlog #blog #avgeek #aviation #photo #filipino #philippines Ladies and gents, from the Flight Deck, Cap’n Aux will be joining you in the back of the cabin today,  for our Excellent Philippines Jumpseat Adventure! (Some of you have been clamoring for this post since February, so here it finally is!) But first . . . Yesterday […]

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