Returning to the Nest

NOTICES TO AIRMEN! Download the Excellent CRM book, The Pilot Factor for FREE through 1/8/15! Written by People of the Sky’s JD Marcellin, an airline pilot and Human Factors expert, the book is chock full of entertaining wisdom that will make you a better pilot!  (And, NO, I don’t make a red cent off this […]

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Aviation: One Big Happy Family!

Note: Folks, at the very moment this blog is posting, I am knee-deep in a radio interview and talk, back in the town and college where I first attended flight school.  So, for today, I have turned the flight blog over to my good buddy, Michael Lothrop. Michael, you have the controls! —Cap’n Aux The Aviation Community: One […]

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baby pilot!

The Airline Cockpit in 7 “Simple” Steps

Ladies and gentlemen, from the flight blog, this is your Cap’n speaking. I have turned on the “Looming Pilot Shortage” sign (which has been off for 30 years now), and you are free to pursue your aviation dream! Honestly, for you up-n-comers, not since the Golden Age of Air Travel (circa 1950’s) has there been […]

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