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Happy Halloween! & What REALLY Matters

Ladies & Gents, From the FRIGHT Deck . . . Folks, we gotta lotta material to cover. We’re so busy this week, I’m going to have to simply direct you to last year’s Aviation Darwin Awards post for some good, if morbid, Halloween guffaws: DIRECT LINK: Here’s hoping you all have a fun, safe, and wickedly awesome Happy […]

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The Darwin Awards—Aviation Style!

#blog #halloween #aviation #avgeek #darwinawards Ladies and Gentlemen, from the Flight Blog… HAPPY HALLOWEEN! My favorite costume:  a blind pilot!   May I present . . . —————————— THE DARWIN AWARDS—Aviation style! SPECIAL MORBID HALLOWEEN EDITION An Updated Encore Post —————————— “The Darwin Awards salute the improvement of the human genome by honoring those who accidentally remove […]

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