Safety: A Frightfully Serious Matter

Safety-A Frightfully Serious Matter . . . THIS POST IS DEDICATED TO THE MEMORY OF “THE PILOT’S PILOT” BOB HOOVER Cap’n Aux shares his thoughts for pilots on the lessons Bob Hoover taught us all . . . Direct Link: Both Chuck Yeager and Jimmy Doolittle called Hoover the best stick-and-rudder pilot they’d ever seen. From […]

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Halloween Darwin Awards Aviation Style!

RIP TO THE “PILOT’S PILOT” BOB HOOVER whom both Chuck Yeager and Jimmy Doolittle called, “the greatest stick-and-rudder pilot who ever lived.” From WWII fighter pilot to ’50’s test pilot, to show-stopping aerobatics, Bob did it all. GODSPEED, BOB THE AVIATION COMMUNITY WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. Story: —  —  — Halloween Darwin Awards Aviation […]

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