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NYCA: Giving Thanks to Aviation

Direct Link: Your Head’s in the Clouds. Where’s Your Heart? An Exclusive Article Direct link to this NYCA article: Giving Thanks to the Aviation Community “Every single one of you has a fascinating story to tell.”   The kevlar flight deck door shuts our world off from yours. In our “sterile cockpit,” we push buttons and […]

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#Osh14 Part – 1: The Pilgrimage

Did you catch it? I hope you were able to tune in last night to our LIVE BROADCAST on, on location at EAA Airventure world headquarters, here in Oshkosh, Wisconsin! We had a fantastic time chatting about all things #avgeek, from our upcoming Oshkosh Odyssey, to the evolution of CRM, to the fabled “Looming Pilot […]

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Pilot Factor Crop

Are You the BEST Pilot You Can Be?

THE PILOT FACTOR A book by Jean Denis Marcellin “A cockpit needs a Manager. An airplane needs a Leader.”The Pilot Factor We pilots tend to think of ourselves as Type A problem solvers, and have an innate disdain for all that “touchy-feely charm school stuff.” Emotional sensitivity is for sissies—I’m Captain Kirk, dammit!  Enter Jean Denis […]

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Dealing with Passengers (Part III)

#blog #blogformation #avgeek #aviation NOTICES TO AIRMEN: Announcing my new eBook! Publishing on Amazon Kindle in June! —Previously Unpublished Adventures —Inflight Emergencies —You’re the Captain —Lessons Learned the Hard Way —The Stories Behind the Stories —Guest Stories by noted aviation authors —Excerpts from Upcoming Novels Life, Love, Laughs…and Tears in the Sky AND MUCH MORE! […]

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WELCOME ABOARD! Passengers, Part II: Medical Emergency!

#blog #airline #aviation #avgeek #emergency #novel>#bestseller _____ “Captain, we’ve got a passenger who’s losing consciousness.” _____ Ladies and Gentlemen, From the flight blog, this is Cap’n Aux speaking . . . On behalf of myself and First Flight Attendant Bunny, we are ecstatic to welcome you aboard the new CAPNAUX.COM! Our first post is the true […]

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MH370 & Occam’s Razor— The Simplest Explanation

#blog #airline #avgeek #aviation Note: Due to the ongoing Malaysia Airlines 370 crisis, my originally scheduled blog post has been delayed. For twelve days now, the entire world has  followed the mysterious disappearance of MH 370. Nearly two weeks filled with false leads, red herrings, wild speculation and myriad theories being bandied about, ranging from […]

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