Top 10 Downers of an #Airline Career

Please join me in donating to  Typhoon Haiyan disaster relief! Text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 Red Cross: Other links:      Direct link: Before/after shot of Tacloban, Philippines, a city of 220,000. —  —  —  —  — and now . . . It Ain’t All Fun ‘n Games, you know! People are […]

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My Favorite #Aviation #Bloggers

#blog #avgeek #airline THESE ARE A FEW OF MY FA-VORITE (aviation) BLOGGERS! You probably have noticed that most bloggers have what’s called a “Blogroll.” Here, the blogger lists his favorite blogs, usually closely related to his own. I have one to the right as well. See? Nevertheless, it’s easy to miss some wonderful gems, so […]

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Blogging in Formation—There I Wuz! My Best Instructional Moments

#BlogFormation #blog #avgeek #aviation #airline All, In response to your requests, you can now conveniently buy signed copies of  The Last Bush Pilots and Code Name: Dodger!   <—Just look for this, over on the left!       Apologies, but they are currently only available in the U.S!     And now . . . It’s Blogging in Formation Week! Posts all […]

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The Cap’n & the Controller—Part II

#blog #avgeek #aviation #ATC Our story so far: Blog buddy and Phoenix Air Traffic Controller Brian Bond contacted me via my Cap’n Aux Facebook page ( We quickly decided to trade tours of each other’s jobs. Our planned adventure was twofold: First, Brian would ride on my cockpit jumpseat during a live flight (see my previous post, Part […]

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The Cap’n & the Controller—Part I

#blog #avgeek #aviation #ATC ATC Controller Brian jumpseats with Cap’n Aux! Recently, blog buddy Brian Bond contacted me via my Cap’n Aux Facebook page ( To my surprise, it turns out that Brian is not only an FAA Air Traffic Controller, but one based in my home town of Phoenix. He works at the PHX […]

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Interlude: You’re never too….

#blog #airline #avgeek All,This week, I flew with these two special passengers, and thought the contrast was quite intriguing!   Skyla, Capn Aux wishes you the best of luck in your aeronautical adventures! Oh, and by the way, Skyla . . . HAPPY 13!!! Speaking of Aeronautical Adventure, I am proud to announce our two […]

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