Prince and . . . Chemtrails?

Bowie Rolling Stone coverIt’s been a tough year for music lovers, as in short succession we’ve lost no less than three icons: country legend Merle Haggard, androgynous rocker David Bowie, and now that even more androgynous rocker, Prince.


Behold, the Artist Formerly known as that symbol thingy he’s holding!

  While I didn’t really appreciate Prince’s music back in the Day (do much more now), I’ve always greatly respected him as an artist. He passionately pursued his music through several instruments, and could and would fuse nearly any genre.

  He was also a passionate humanitarian, very busy behind the scenes, quietly helping others in many ways. (He was instrumental, for example, in creating the Yes We Code charity.)

  Prince always seemed to challenge our world view, and expand them in ways never done before—just as great artists always do. It really threw me, for example, when the little big man changed his name to that symbol thingy, prompting the media to address him as, “The Artist Formerly Known as Prince.”


  He eventually changed it back to just Prince—no doubt due to the fact that no computer keyboard in the world could type that symbol thingy—but by then the point was made. Basically, at least by my reckoning, his point was, Would a rose, by any other name, smell as sweet?


Happy 400-something, to the artist formerly known as the Bard.

  OK, that phrase was coined by the Bard in one of his most famous works, Romeo and Juliet, over 400 years ago, which is also something we’ve been commemorating this month.

 What I mean is, what he seemed to be saying to us is, What’s in a name? Does my name, Eric, aka “Cap’n Aux,” define me?

Sorry, gonna stop there; my brain hurts!

(By the way, the artist formerly known as that symbol thingy and currently known as Prince, was the person born Rogers Nelson—may he rest in peace.)

Prince talks about Chemtrails on TV  OK, so unless you’ve been shunning every single news outlet this week, you probably already know most of what we were just talking about. But, did you know that Prince was murdered by chemtrails? It’s 100% true!

  At least, according to a few “truth-seeking” websites he was.

  What’s a chemtrail, you ask? Well according to conspiracy nuts—uh, sorry theorists—your friendly neighborhood jet flying overhead is not producing those pretty, cloud-like contrails by adhering to the most basic of physical processes (you know, that one about water vapor mixing in cold air to make that thing we call, “clouds?”) Instead, they are deliberately spewing out gobs of nasty chemicals (and blatantly ignoring basic physics, to boot!)


  Why, to control your brain of course! And to cull the population.


Look at all those pretty contrails! Er, I mean, run for the hills, they’re spraying chemtrails!

  Now, here’s the real kicker: Prince himself believed in chemtrails. By his own reckoning and that of his fellow theorists, the sinister powers behind the thrones have for decades been dumping toxic purple rain on your red corvette, making both you and the doves cry.

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 12.43.58 PM

  What’s more, according to some of his conspiratorial theorizing acolytes, our 7th Day Adventist-turned-Jehova’s Witness was prophetic as well, having (according to them) “predicted” 9/11.

Direct Link:

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 12.16.52 PM

Geez, the Illuminati must really, really hate musicians.


  Well, the Triad/New World Order/Illuminati (take your pick) simply can’t have psychic, prophetic musical geniuses running around tattling on its nefarious activities, now can it? Which leads to the . . . eh . . . “logical” conclusion that he was deliberately offed for “knowing too much.” Again, according to some sources, Merle Haggard was summarily dispatched in the same way, for similar reasons.



Chemtrail proof! (Pay no attention to the water ballast tanks on a test flight!)

  But wait, there’s more! According to the “truth-seekers,” thousands of us greedy, sinister pilot types are in on it as well, loading up each jet with the required doses for whatever population centers need to be controlled.


It’s a chemical warfare attack by your government! (Pay no attention to the holding patterns and delay vectors flown by multiple planes during a foggy arrival bank at your local airport hub!)

  Apparently, we dastardly pilots all get hefty bonus checks for the double duty of doing the CIA’s dirty work (or the Illuminati et al, depending on your choice of villain.)

  Sadly, after nearly 40 years of spraying—er, I mean, flying—the NWO has yet to pay out to my secret bank account in the Bahamas . . .

What real state of the art chemtrails look like; note how low planes must fly to be effective. Dumping junk in the stratosphere would disperse so widely as to be rendered completely useless.


You can believe what you want about flat earths, fake moonshots, Grassy Knolls, and MH370.


Hideous trails of noxious fumes, polluting our minds and atmosphere! (Pay no attention to the sun setting, which creates the phenomena of painting clouds different colors.)

  But I would like to appeal to the tiniest smidgen of logic that I dare hope is still lurking in your frontal lobes by offering you this one, irrefutable, if inconvenient, truth . . .


What sane pilot would deliberately spray his/her own self, loved ones and progeny with mind-controlling, toxic chemicals?



Great Scot! They’ve trained birds to spray chemtrails too!!!


If you still insist on believing in chemtrails, then I suggest you’d better double up your tinfoil helmets; I’ll be doubling up my chemtrail load . . .


A li’l “evidence” I planted a couple years back. It has predictably made the rounds in the conspiracy circuit. But, I advise you: look vewy, vewy closely!

This is Cap’n Aux, Spraying off!

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