US Air Force (USAF) Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Dirk Smith, Commander, 94th Fighter Squadron (FS), peels away from USAF Major (MAJ) Kevin Dolata, Assistant Director of Operations, 94th FS, during the delivery flight of the first F/A-22A Raptor fighters to the 94th FS at Langley Air Force Base (AFB), Virginia (VA). The 94th FS is the second squadron at Langley to receive the new stealth fighter.

An Interview by Tally One—& Free Stuff!

An Interview by Tally One—& Free Stuff!

Folks, from the flight blog,

Not only do I enjoy writing and blogging about flying, like you, I also enjoy reading about flying. One of my favorite pilot-bloggers is former F-22 Raptor pilot (now an airline pilot), Major Rob Burgon, over at


If you’ve read There I Wuz! Volume 3, you know Major Rob Burgon from his way awesome story, Airborne Assassins, wherein he describes an aerial dogfight from the cockpit of his F-22 Raptor!

Today, on his site, he has just published a VERY COOL announcement, along with a brief interview with me . . . and a drawing for FREE SIGNED COPIES of my books!

So, whaddya waiting for? Let’s regroup our formation flight over at Rob’s Site!


An Interview by Tally One—& Free Stuff!


This is Cap’n Aux . . . handing it off to Major Rob!