The Poker Game That Launched My Career

“The event that ultimately defined my life was…a poker game.” It’s mind-boggling—”uncanny,” as my dad would have said—to look back on life and realize that there were single, seemingly innocuous decisions that ultimately determined the path that your life took.  I’m not talking about the deliberate life decisions we try to make—marry or move on?  […]

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The Life Aquatic and the Battle for Air Supremacy

Last week aviation headlines were made when a near miss occurred between a an Air New Zealand airliner…and a shark.  Yes, folks, you heard me right!  Captain Sully’s suicidal flocks of Airbus-downing Canadian geese got nuthin’ on this aero-nautical predator.  Nor, for that matter, does Jaws… But what the unsuspecting traveling public doesn’t know is […]

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