Folks, before you turn on the BIG GAME and couch potato out as the Hawks take on the Patriots (which kicks off in my city, by the way,) a couple awesome things to chat about today.

Our first Word on the Ramp of 2015—Special Super Bowl Edition!—is up in a minute. But first:

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tired-pilotPILOT BURNOUT!

Not only does all-work-no-play make burnout quite likely, it’s also worthwhile for those thinking about a professional career to consider that turning any avocation into a vocation risks the same fate.”

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As we mentioned on our Best Of 2014 post last month, I am very excited to bring to you . . .

Fledgling Feb


T-man practicing his Cat Fu!


Back to cruise the Ark Angel!

Per tradition, Bunny and I are taking February off and hoping to jumpseat to the Philippines. (As a friendly reminder to all would-be thieves, Vicious Attack Cat Tarzan will once again take over as Chief of Home Security, along with my 6’3″ son and his favorite Glock!)

As for the blog, we are turning “Adventures of Cap’n Aux” over to our NextGen of future pilots!

We handpicked for you each pilot-writer, and you will soon find out why. Each was assigned to talk about a trait that makes for a successful pilot, career, and life in general.

And—WOW!—did these kids deliver!


First up . . .

Swayne Martin

“Hard Work”

Posting February 5

It’s important that you recognize, embrace, and follow your own, unique path.Swayne

Swayne PPL 2

 Swayne leads our blogging pack of upcoming pilots, and for good reason. At the tender age of 17, he has not only garnered his PPL (Private Pilot License), but has also become a well-known blogger in his own right, at “Private to Professional Pilot” (

Even more impressive, Swayne is a power behind one of my favorite websites, In less than a year, Bold Method has launched meteorically into the online aviation stratosphere. Indeed, it was named Number 4 on AgoraPulse’s Top Facebook Pages of 2014!

Swayne’s post on “Hard Work” will appear here on February 5.


Karim Elsammak


Posting February 12

If flying isn’t fun then your standards are too low.Karim

Karim Peace

Next up, Karim blogs about a subject in which he is an undisputed expert: Fun!

Brimming with personality, Karim is not only chasing his dream in the cockpit, but behind the scopes as well: he intends to be an Air Traffic Controller.

And good thing, too, ’cause this kid’s got the Gift of Gab!

Karim’s post on “Fun!” will appear here on February 12.


Kelvin Pella


Posting February 19

Living in Tanzania has challenges and obstacles to those who dream of aviation. Kelvin

Kelvin TieI am particularly excited and proud to bring you the unique perspective of Kelvin Pella.

A native and resident of the economically-challenged country of Tanzania, Kelvin faces daunting challenges in pursuing his dream of becoming an airline pilot. Indeed, he has yet to fly Hour 1 . . .

Kelvin studying in Tanzania

Kelvin: The pic that rocked the aviation world!

And that is exactly why I chose him to write on this subject.

Seemingly unfazed by these hardships, Kelvin’s determination to reach for the sky has inspired not only myself but other blog buddies around the world, as in this amazing photo of himself studying his aviation books by the light of a fire.

I have absolutely no doubt that Kelvin will one day join the ranks of our world’s airline pilots.

Kelvin’s post on “Perseverance” will appear here on February 19.


Patricia Espinosa


Posting February 26

Rarely is piloting easy; the flight plan to the dream is long, arduous, and filled with delays, holds, and alternates.Patricia

Patricia EspinosaWrapping up our aviation blogging extravaganza, Patricia Espinosa writes about “Humility,” which is somewhat ironic, given her amazing accomplishments.

One of the rising stars of my Alma Mater, Cochise College, by her words alone, Patricia has won several scholarships.

Patricia aims to be a professional pilot, but of a different sort: she not only plans to be an aerial firefighter, but also to transform the industry into a powerful force against Mother Nature’s devastating wildfires!

Patricia’s post on “Humility” will appear here on February 26.

Be sure to tune in for each pilot-blogger’s excellent post, and—despite our adventure in South Pacific Paradise—Bunny and I will be sure to join you there!

And now . . .



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tired-pilotPILOT BURNOUT!

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