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Today is Pearl Harbor Day—the “Date Which Will Live in Infamy”—a day of remembrance for those lost in the attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7th, 1941.

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My father proudly served in WWII as a Naval Petty Officer. He was a RADAR technician aboard the Destroyer U.S.S. Preston in the Pacific.

Here are a few links for activities to educate and commemorate the day:



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QZ8501 & AF447

Captain Bill Palmer, author or "Understanding Air France 447"

Captain Bill Palmer, author or “Understanding Air France 447

  For starters, since our Thanksgiving post, I’ve been collaborating with A330 Captain Bill Palmer (“Understanding Air France 447“) to analyze the findings of last year’s AirAsia 8501 accident, and have come up with some important lessons to share with pilots and aviation enthusiasts alike.

Jan 16 Pilots Caribbean

January issue of Airways, with my “Pilots of the Caribbean” article. Order the edition here! http://store.airwaysnews.com/product_p/a-239.htm

  We are currently coordinating with Airways Magazine and AirwaysNews.com for a release date, and I expect that soon.


Steve Stackelhouse cockpit Lo

American First Officer Steven Stackelhouse.

  Also in collaboration with Airways Magazine and AirwaysNews.com, we have an amazing exclusive interview with American Airlines First Officer Steve Stackelhouse, the “co-pilot” who diverted AA550 inflight after Captain Mike Johnston’s heart attack.

Michael Johnston 4

Our dear friend, the late Captain Michael Johnston.

  Sadly, we lost our comrade Captain Johnston, but FO Stackelhouse’s quick thinking and excellent airmanship saved the day.

  This is an EXCLUSIVE and detailed interview with my personal friend and coworker Steve, who wanted to share his story with the aviation community, and not just a random reporter who may not have experience with the airline business.

  We feel very honored by FO Steve’s gracious offer, and stand ready to properly share his story, as well as that of the late Captain Mike Johnston.

Here’s BBC’s article on the story: FO Saves Flight.

  This interview will be released sometime around Christmas, both online at AirwaysNews.com, and a more in-depth feature in the print issue, which will release that day in Airways Magazine, worldwide, in 35 countries. Don’t miss it!

Mark Lawrence 787 Dreamliner

Mark Lawrence at the 787 Dreamliner factory!

  Also upcoming are several great guest posts, including a really fun one from a teen who’s building her own airplane, right in her garage! Another gem is an on-the-scenes report, as I “fly the line” with First Officer Joshua as he and his captain make the rounds in their Pilatus turboprop for Boutique Air!

QATAR 787’s & 777’s!

Mark L 1st Class

Mark Lawrence and the aviation paparazzi aboard Qatar’s new 787 Dreamliner!

  I’m very proud and excited to present to you a special report from NYCAviation.com’s Mark Lawrence, who recently toured Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner factory, flew Business Class on Qatar’s delivery flight of one of their Dreamliners, took in the Dubai Airshow, and waltzed back home in First Class luxury aboard a Qatar 777! Read his initial article in NYCA Here.

Last but not least, I’m cooking up another Word on the Ramp video for you as well. In the meantime, here’s last year’s Word on the Ramp, special “Trekkie” Christmas edition!

Direct Link: https://vimeo.com/album/3162370/video/114745947


CQFpQMLWsAAk8cY12345625_10207258383470433_8551870998560585859_n  Finally, I can’t wait for January, when I’ll be blogging to you from the high seas of the Caribbean, as Bunny and I join dozens for fellow aviation enthusiasts from around the world for Airways Magazine’s Avgeek Cruise! I’ve been invited to be a speaker aboard, and having flown in the Caribbean, I’ve got tons of fun tales to share! Maho Beach, St. Maarten, is our final stop, the “Mecca” of plane spotters the world ’round.


There I Wuz Maho  Here’s a great shot of our blog buddy Miki G, taken by her hubby Chris, from their chateau on St. Maarten, reading my book, There I Wuz! Adventure From 3 Decades in the Sky Volume 2 as a Caribbean Airlines 737 lands next door!

TIW 2 Cover Audible JPG

There I Wuz! Volume 2—Now on Audiobook!

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