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Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Eric Auxier is an airline pilot by day, writer by night, and kid by choice. Never one to believe in working for a living, Mr. Auxier’s past list of occupations include: Alaska bush pilot, freelance writer, mural artist, and Captain for a Caribbean seaplane operation. With over 20,000 flight hours, he is now an A320 captain for a major U.S. airline.

Mr. Auxier is a Columnist for Airways Magazine and its online counterpart, airwaysmag.com. He has contributed to such publications as Arizona Highways, Plane & Pilot, NYCaviation.com and AOPA Pilot.

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His second novel, The Last Bush Pilots, captured the coveted Amazon Top 100 Breakthrough Novels award in 2013. It is a fiction work based on his very real adventures flying the wild Alaska bush as a young pilot. The award-winning Code Name: Dodger is his first novel.

His most recent novel, Cartel Kidnapping, a sequel to Code Name: Dodger, was lauded by the Online Book Club as “One of the best books we’ve ever read!” He is currently working on Water & Air, the long-awaited sequel to The Last Bush Pilots, and Volume 4 of There I Wuz! Adventures From 3 Decades in the Sky, a multi-volume collection of true tales from his various publications.

All of Mr. Auxier’s books are available in print or ebook, and several are on audio as well.

Link to all books: amazon.com/author/ericauxier

Mr. Auxier makes his home in Phoenix, Arizona.


  1. Justin   •  

    Cap’n Aux,
    I tried to contact you under the contact menu, but it doesn’t seem to be working. I would appreciate it if you sent me an e-mail!

    • Cap'n Aux   •     Author

      Hi, Justin, I have to approve the comment the first time you post one–I get lots of spammers. Now that you’re approved, it should work 🙂

  2. Williams   •  

    Captain, have you even flown with Cpt. Sully?

    • Cap'n Aux   •     Author

      Hi Terran,
      No. He is now retired. He came from the East side of the US/AWA merger (America West Airlines purchased USAirways while USAirways was still in bankruptcy and about to close their doors.)

  3. Jobin Paul   •  

    Hi Capt Aux you need to know that your videos are funny as hell and exciting to watch. I keep checking your vimeo channel and facebook page every one to thrice a week for new updates. Keep what you’re doing up, we all love it. You have a very good sense of production and humor too, maybe replace Jim Carry one day? 😉 Nah hahaha hope you’re doing great and wish you a lovely weekend.

    From Jobin, living in India.

    • Cap'n Aux   •     Author

      Thank you for the compliment! I love doing the videos (as you can probably tell,) but they are a lot of work and very time consuming, so I can’t do them as often as I’d like.

      Thanks for the comment, and have a great week!

  4. Lad David   •  

    How’s Tarzan doing.. been a while haven’t heard from him.. is he still missing you much? 😀

    • Cap'n Aux   •     Author

      Haha, thanks for asking! Vicious Attack Cat Tarzan is alive and well and just as feisty (and needy) as ever! About half the time I’m writing a blog post, he insists on being in my arms, which forces me to do the 1-arm type thing! But, I love the rascal anyway!

      I’ll be sure to post a pic or two in the near future!

  5. Bruce T. Harvey   •  

    Have you thought of doing audio books? I’ve begun (in my old age of 58 😉 to record audio books for sale on Audible, Amazon and iTunes. Peter Buffington, author of Squawk 7700, engaged me to narrate his book about publishing ebooks, and I’ve started to pick up both text books and speculative non-fiction (ok, fun-to-read stuff about UFOs from the 1950s … they’re really fun to record and think back on). I think your books would be very good as audio books, and I’d be happy to send you a short audition if you want to send me an excerpt. This would be no cost to you. You could also just sign up as an author at ACX.com (I’m there as a producer). We could agree on sharing the royalties, so there’d be no up-front costs, and you could receive more income from the books. Check out my demos at http://brucetharveycom.ipage.com/3101/3173.html, or go to audible.com and search for “Bruce T. Harvey” … you’ll find four or five books already there.

    In any event, good luck … and thank you for the op ed about journalism going all stupid when it comes to plane crash speculation. (Hate to leave this on the comments page, but your email link on the blog isn’t working.)

    • Cap'n Aux   •     Author

      Thank you for your considerate offer. I can tell that you are the genuine deal, and not some spammer. For that, I thank you!

      Let me put some serious consideration into this. I have always intended to do audiobooks on my own, as I believe I could deliver the stories well; however, I am simply not finding the time to do it properly, so you may have a good solution.

      I will check out your demos and get back to you. Thank you!


  6. Dorothy Lenz   •  

    Dear Captain Aux,
    I loved your article about journalism and aviation, particularly about the recent tragedy that occurred with the airbus in the Alps. I thought I would comment as another subject that I personally know well- Scientology- suffers a similar journalistic disaster. I have been in this group (Scn) since 1973 and I have probably seen about two articles in that 42 year period that were anywhere near correct. So, I applaud you for speaking out about journalistic garbage and I would love it if there was more credibility and truth in the news media. Thanks for your article; I really liked it- it was truthful and helpful.

    • Cap'n Aux   •     Author

      Thank you for your comment. I empathize with you–it’s frustrating to not be understood!

      I’ll be publishing the piece here on the blog on 4/1, and then discussing the matter via our comment thread. I invite you to join in!

  7. katrina   •  

    Captain is there a love in your life because i want to be apart off it . You wondering man …

    • Cap'n Aux   •     Author

      Aww, thank you, Katrina! Yes, I am happily taken by “Bunny,” who is often part of my stories, such as the recent post about Pearl Harbor (posted 12/9/16.) Thanks for your sweet comment!

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